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  Deg./Dip. Pharmacy
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  B.I.D. and B.C.T.
  in CEPT University
  B.Plan./ M.Plan.
  Hotel and Tourism
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  M.E./ M.Tech./ M.Pharm.
  M.B.A / M.C.A.
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  FRC (Technical)
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Diploma to Degree Pharmacy
20/07/19 List of Institutes with available seats
16/07/19 Advertisement for D2D Pharmacy admission 2019
16/07/19 Application form for D2D Pharmacy admission 2019
16/07/19 Provisional Key Dates for D2D Pharmacy Admission
23/07/18 Letter for vacant seats in diploma to degree Pharmacy and Vacant Seats
-----> Notification for D2D Pharmacy Dated : 29-07-2013, 02-06-2015, 14-06-2016, 09-05-2017, 28-06-2017 and 25-04-2019
Diploma to Degree Engineering
09/08/19 D2D Engg Vacant Seats at Govt/GIA : Vacant Seats, Advertisement, Application Form and Link for Registration
09/08/19 D2D Engg Vacant Seats at SFI : Advertisement and Vacant Seats
09/08/19 Admission in D2D Rubber Technology : Advertisement and Application Form
06/08/19 First-Last Rank Position of Round-02 (Upgradation) : Institute wise and Course wise
05/08/19 Notice for D2D Admission in Upgradation Round
01/08/19 Notice for D2D Upgradation Round
01/08/19 Vacant Seat after Round-01 : Institutewise and Branchwise
25/07/19 D2D Notice for admission confirmation
25/07/19 Course wise First-Last Rank Position of Round-01
25/07/19 Vacant Seat Due to Non allotment - Round-01
20/07/19 Notice for Maximum choice filling and Optional Choice
15/07/19 Seat Matrix for D2D Engineering Admission
15/07/19 Notice for Choice filling in D2D
14/07/19 Merit code for D2D Engineering
24/06/19 Information Online admission Peocess-D2D
24/06/19 Guideline for Admission Modality
24/06/19 Advertisement for D2D Engineering admission 2019
24/06/19 Notice for D2D Registration
24/06/19 List of Help Centers and Bank Branches
24/06/19 Provisional Key Dates (Schedule) for D2D Engg Admission
24/06/19 Notice for D2D Eligibility Criteria
24/06/19 Branch Eligibility for D2D Engineering admission
24/06/19 List of the Institute with Seats
24/06/19 D2D Engineering e-booklet for 2019
-----> Notification for d2d Dated : 21-06-2013, 18-07-2013, 16-06-2015, 14-06-2016, 09-05-2017, 28-06-2017, 27-09-2018, 25-04-2019 and 30-07-2019
---> Cut off Marks for the year 2018-19
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